• The best investment while on my natural hair journey. It took away the guessing of what my hair needs. For years I was treating my hair as if it was low porosity, to find out I am normal to high. the tips provided during my consultation were great. Please stop listening to others and get your hair analyzed.

    Karen Walton

  • I would highly highly recommend this. Stop trouble-shooting your hair and get a personalized regimen for your hair needs. Changed my hair care forever.

    Udoka Omenukor


We all may have a lot of similarities but no one is exactly the same. There is so much advice out there; what to do, what not to do, try this products, and an abundance of advice that can cause more damage. It all can have your head spinning when it comes to the care of your hair.

Let us eliminate the frustration, save you time, and free up space in your cabinets from all the products you’ve tried that doesn’t seem to work for your hair. We are certified hair practitioners here to help you get on track by offering you personal attention because there is no one exactly like you.

Through the Hair Analysis service we will be able to advise you on:

  • Your porosity.
  • The condition of your hair and how to correct any issues.
  • The best care for your texture.
  • Any signs of follicular dystrophy or early signs of thinning.
  • Proper hair care techniques.


Our focus is  in the science of the body, hair and scalp to help you better understand the connection between health and hair.

We practice actively listening and are thorough so that we may offer you advice that suits your needs.

There is no judgement just encouragement. We take our time so that you know you are valued and your experience is effortless and pleasant while coming away with a wealth of knowledge.

Our friendly and knowledgeable Hair Practitioners are here to help you with all of your hair care needs. We understand how different each of our hair textures can be and are prepared to assist you with all your questions and concerns.

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Q:  Can Anyone with any hair texture get the Personal Hair Care Solution?

A: Yes, if your are concerned about the state of your hair regardless of your hair type the Hair Analysis service is for you.


Q:  Can I make a deposit on the Hair Analysis Service?

A: Yes, if you would like to make a deposit the minimum payment requirement is 50% of the current cost of the service you would like.


Q:  How do I make a deposit and how long do I have to pay the balance?

A: Press and follow the “Make A Deposit” link to make a deposit. You can pay the balance within 30 days. If you are not able to pay the balance within 30 days your funds will be automatically returned to you. You also will not have access to your kit until balance is paid in full.


Q:  Which Hair Analysis option should I purchase?

A: Any option will work for you. If you are experiencing extensive damage or hair loss we would advise the Hair Analysis B so that we can check your progress or change the strategy within 6-12 months.


Q. Will you be able to tell me my hair type with the Hair Analysis?

A: Yes, but you do not need the Hair Analysis Service for us to tell you your hair type. We also do not follow hair typing as we do not find it as useful or important as knowing your porosity.


Q. Do you test my hair strands for any vitamin or mineral deficiencies?

A. No, this is not a chemical testing analysis. Testing the hair strands for vitamin and mineral deficiencies or  overload is not the best way to get results. Getting a blood test is the surest way of knowing any vitamin and mineral deficiencies or overload.


Q: How long does the Hair Analysis process take?

A: 14 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) from when we receive your hair samples.


Q: Will I get instructions on what to do?

A: Yes, once you purchase the Hair Analysis service you will be able to download the instructional kit from your Komaza Hair Care account.


Q: Do I have to wash my hair to send in a hair sample?

A: Yes, it is very important that you follow the instructions that are provided. We will contact you if we receive a hair sample that can not be analyzed properly which can prolong your process.


Q: Do I have to fill out the questionnaire?

A: Yes, we ask you to fill out the questionnaire online as thorough as possible. 


Q: How do I send in my Hair Sample?

A: You may use any method of shipping you are most comfortable with, however for most samples an envelope and stamp is sufficient.


Q: Can I cut hair form specific areas on my head?

A: Absolutely not. Please read and follow the instructions that are provided. This is very important because cutting your hair will not give us a proper assessment.


Q: What will I need at the time of my consult?

A: You will need to have access to the internet and please allow 1 hour of your time.


Q: Will I get a written report?

A: Yes, you will receive an e-mail with a report which will have your images and recommendations.


Q: How do I fill out the questionnaire?

A: Log into your account at: www.komazahaircare.com; Click on My Account; then click “questionnaire”  in your dashboard to complete.


Q: How do I check the status of my personal hair analysis?

A: When you purchase the Hair Analysis you will be sent an order confirmation immediately, given that you have provided us with an email address. You will then have access to the questionnaire and the downloadable instructions. Once we receive your hair sample we will notify you that we have received your sample or you can log into your account and see the status of your Hair Analysis.


Q: Is this service offered internationally?

A: Yes, we welcome everyone anywhere who need this service.


Q: What do you do with the hair sample after the hair analysis has been completed?

A: We dispose of your hair sample through a bio hazard service .


Q: How long do you keep each hair analysis report on file?

A: Once we send  your results you will be responsible for the location of your files. We do not keep files longer than a year.