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A powerful daily topical hair supplement!

This spray acts as a daily supplement for your hair with antioxidants to give hair excellent protection, keeping it youthful and vibrant. This product is a must have for aging hair as it has the ability to repair and restore the hair cuticles.

It also contains vitamin B5, B3 and B6 which together helps thicken, strengthen, and grow hair. This spray is a great replacement for water. pH Balance 4.5

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    (verified owner)

    I purchased Vitamin Reign due to the fabulous list of ingredients and thought how great the product would be for my hair while in box braids. It was. But, as I continued using the spray as a leave-in after my weekly wash, I noticed that my hair was growing like crazy! New growth galore. And my hair appeared much healthier and stronger than it did prior to using Vitamin Reign. This stuff is unbelievable.

    I had no issues with scalp irritation - just had bouncy, healthy, beautiful relaxed hair. This product is a DEFINITE KEEPER!!

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    (verified owner)

    Oh Yeah My Hair Love This Stuff Better Than Water Thanks Again Komaza Hair Care All Of Their Products Are All Good I Recommend Family & Friends Good Natural Hair Products

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    (verified owner)

    On My Twist Out Use Vitamin Reign When Twisting & Styling I Really Like It Works For Me I Live In Cold Climate 8 Months Nothing But Cold Weather Does Wonder For My Hair

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    (verified owner)

    This vitamin reign is really good for my hair. I've been using it for a while. No hair in the comb!

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    (Review transferred from Komaza Hair Care previous site)

    great substitute for daily touch up as opposed to plain water. my only complaint: wish an option for a 16oz was available. this stuff goes fast!

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    (Review transferred from Komaza Hair Care previous site)

    This stuff is like crack to me. I have absolutely have no split ends, my hair feels and looks healthy. GREAT PRODUCT!!!! its one of my must haves.


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    (Review transferred from Komaza Hair Care previous site)

    I have been using Komaza Hair Care products for about six or seven years and vitamin reign has ALWAYS been apart of my hair care regimen. I am a natural hair stylist and I strongly support the natural hair industry when it comes to products. Needless to say that just because a product claims to be natural does not mean it gets the job done but Komaza Hair Care has never disappointed me and I have tried almost every product they made, even many of the discontinued products they no longer make. The vitamin reign is a must for naturals. I use it daily to refresh my braids and to provide my hair with moisture and nutrients that it needs externally. This product smells amazing and keeps my hair healthy and well moisturized and I order this product as soon as my bottle gets halfway gone if I do not have another bottle of it lying around because I refuse to buy the stuff they sell in stores that are filled with a bunch of things I can't pronounce that simply do not cater to the health and integrity of my hair. I am so glad that Komaza has kept the vitamin reign spray on the market. I love love love it and I think it is an important staple product. Vitamin reign is a necessity for my hair like water is a necessity for me to live!!! I need it...........

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    (Review transferred from Komaza Hair Care previous site)

    Borrowed this product from a friend, and my hair and I are in love with another Komaza Care product. Just ordered the full size bottle!!!!

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Distilled Water, Nettles, Horsetail, Bamboo Extract, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Chamomile, Hibiscus Rosa, Lavender,Cayenne pepper,Green Tea, Fo-Ti, Aloe Vera, Honey Quat, Co-Q10,Grape seed proanthocyanidins, Boitin, Folic Acid,ProVitamin B5, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3,ProVitamin B5, Vitamin B6, inositol, Allantoin, MSM, Citric Acid, fragrance,
Potassium Sorbate, Lonicera Japonica (Honeysuckle) Flower Extract (and) Lonicera Caprifolium (Honeysuckle) Extract (and) Populus Tremuloides Bark Extract (and) Gluconolactone.)

Key Ingredients

Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant that protects DNA and other cell structures from free radical attack. Prevents split ends and assists in repairing damaged hair.

Vitamin C: Protects cells from free radical attack and helps protect hair from UV radiation.

Aloe Vera: Contains enzymes that stimulates hair growth as well as prevent hair loss. It is an ultimate moisturizer and conditioner causing the hair to yield great softness and shine.

Vitamins B3, B5 and B6: Stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, maintains the moisture level of the hair and stimulates hair growth

Bamboo: Strengthens the hair.

Rhodiola: Strengthens & improves elasticity in the hair.

CO - Q10: Enzymes that help with anti-aging of the hair.

Foti: Helps stop graying & promotes thicker hair.

Panthenol: Known for its ability to improve and repair the hair structure while adding radiance and sheen.

Grape Seed Proanthocyanidins: Encourages the production of hair cells and fights hair loss and thinning.

Spray evenly to hair until damp. Finger comb through hair, then follow with a moisturizer. Use as needed.

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