The Best Hair Strengtheners

Komaza Hair Care offers you great hair strengthening product with ingredients proven to be effective to restore and protect your hair.

Anyone with hair needs a hair strengthener. Many things can weaken your hair cuticles, such as shampooing, regular grooming, and sometimes the weather. There are so many hair-strengthening ingredients out there to name. However, we will start with our favorites.

We love proteins for most of us as they can offer strength, moisture, and conditioning for hair. Proteins can be tricky for those of you who have low porosity. Even though the proteins we use are hydrolyzed (a compound broken down by a chemical reaction with water), water has a hard time penetrating low porosity, so you run the risk of even these types of proteins laying on your hair strands if not used properly.

We do not discourage to use of hydrolyzed proteins for low porosity. You must be careful with how you apply them and how many times a week or month you use them. Therefore, we like to use bamboo or artichoke leaf extract for low porosity. These two ingredients offer strengthening without worry. A hair strengthener is vital to a healthy hair care routine.