Q:  Can anyone with any hair texture get the Hair Analysis?

A: Yes, if your are concerned about the state of your hair regardless of your hair type the Hair Analysis service is for you.


Q. Will you be able to tell me my hair type with the Hair Analysis?

A: Yes, but you do not need the Hair Analysis Service for us to tell you your hair type. We also do not follow hair typing as we do not find it as useful or important as knowing your porosity.


Q. Do you test my hair strands for any vitamin or mineral deficiencies?

A. No, this is not a chemical testing analysis. Testing the hair strands for vitamin and mineral deficiencies or  overload is not the best way to get results. Getting a blood test is the surest way of knowing any vitamin and mineral deficiencies or overload.


Q: How long does the Hair Analysis process take?

A: 14 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) from when we receive your hair samples.


Q: Will I get instructions on what to do?

A: Yes, once you purchase the Hair Analysis service you will be able to download the instructional package from your Komaza Hair Care account.


Q: Do I have to wash my hair to send in a hair sample?

A: Yes, it is very important that you follow the instructions that are provided. We will contact you if we receive a hair sample that can not be analyzed properly which can prolong your process.


Q: Do I have to fill out the questionnaire?

A: Yes, we ask you to fill out the questionnaire in your downloadable instructional package as thorough as possible. 


Q: Which mail service should I use to send my Hair Sample?

A: You may use any method of shipping you are most comfortable with, however, for most samples an envelope and stamp is sufficient.


Q: Can I cut hair from specific areas to use as my hair sample ?

A: Absolutely not. Please read and follow the instructions that are provided. This is very important because cutting your hair will not give us a proper assessment.


Q: What will I need at the time of my consult?

A: You will need to have access to the internet and please allow 1 hour of your time.


Q: Will I get a written report?

A: Yes, you will receive an e-mail with a report which will have your images and recommendations.


Q: How do I check the status of my personal hair analysis?

A: When you purchase the Hair Analysis you will be sent an order confirmation immediately, given that you have provided us with an e-mail address. You will then have access  the downloadable instructions. Once we receive your hair sample we will notify you that we have received your sample or you can log into your account and see the status of your Hair Analysis.


Q: Is this service offered internationally?

A: Yes, we welcome everyone anywhere who need this service.


Q: What do you do with the hair sample after the hair analysis has been completed?

A: We  dispose of your hair sample through a bio hazard service .


Q: How long do you keep each hair analysis report on file?

A: Once we send  your results you will be responsible for the location of your files. We do not keep files longer than a year.


Q: If I have to cancel my consultation how far in advance should I cancel?

A: We understand life happens. We ask that you cancel as soon as you know or at least 12 hour prior to you appointment.


Q: How long do I have to send in my hair sample?

A: You will have 3 months from the purchase date of you Hair Analysis to send in your hair sample. After 3 months you will be charged a 25% cancellation fee and the balanced will be refunded to you.


Q: Do you share any of my Hair Analysis information or results?

A: Absolutely, NOT. However, your images may be used for educational purposes within the company. Your identification will not be disclosed.


Q: Will I be able to receive a recorded copy of my phone consultation?

A: Sure! You will have to request a copy. All calls (including live video calls) may be recorded for training purposes.


Q. How do I check the status of my order?
A. When your order is placed online or by phone you will be sent an order confirmation immediately, given that you have provided us with an email address. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email containing the tracking number from the United States Postal Service (USPS).  To track your order, please copy the tracking number provided by USPS and enter in the following website: Or, feel free to contact us at: (916) 229-8600. We will be glad to help you find more information about your order. Or you can log into your account to see the status of your order.

Q.  Do you accept international orders?
We do accept international orders.

Q. Can anyone see my personal information provided?
No one outside Komaza Care can see your account or personal information. We also do not keep credit card information stored and are not able to see your credit card number when placing an order online.

Q.  Do you test your products on animals?
None of Komaza Hair Care products or ingredients are/have been tested on animals.  We do not conduct or condone animal testing. We evaluate our finished products in clinical trials of volunteer panels. The third party labs we use for confirmation of our products efficiency are also committed to a animal cruelty free environment.

Q. Where do I enter the customer referral code?
  Only first time customers placing an online order qualify for a 5% discount when using a referral code. After you have completed your shopping and are ready to checkout press the checkout button and a log in box will populate. Press the Create Account button and proceed to entering the necessary information. At the bottom of that page enter the referral code that was provided for you. Than press the Save button to receive your 5% discount.

Where do I enter the promotional code?
In your shopping cart: Enter discount coupon code then hit “Apply”.



Q.I am Transitioning to Natural Hair What Do I Do?
If you are within the first four months of your transition, there really aren’t too many changes to make to your hair at this time. You want to make sure that you have at least two inches of new growth or more before you start making any changes.

If doing the Big Chop is not something you are interested in doing then we would suggest trimming your hair every 6-8 weeks until the relaxed hair is gone. By doing this you can help to prevent excessive shedding or breakage.

You may come to a point in your transition when you will experience noticeable hair shed. We do recommend cutting off the chemically treated hair at that point to keep your natural hair healthy. But that is a personal decision and it is completely up to you.

How you plan to wear your hair will play a major part in your transition and what type of products to use. It is very important to keep both hair textures as similar as possible! This will help to minimize hair breakage.

If you would like to wear your hair curly, then we would recommend styling options such as braid or twist outs or Bantu knots. For this we would recommend the Califia Moisturizing Spray or Coconut Curl Spray (moisturizers) followed with the Califia Styling Pudding, the Coconut Hair Pudding (moisture sealants) or the Califia Moisturizing Cream.

If you would like to keep your hair in a protective style such as wearing your hair in braids, such as cornrows (using synthetics or human hair), weaves (using human hair since it is the same weight as your hair and will not dry out or cause too much damage as synthetic hair) or wigs, you can use the Hair Nourishment Oil and the Coconut Curl Spray.

The Hair Nourishment Oil will keep the scalp healthy for optimal hair growth and the Coconut Curl Spray will keep the hair moisturized and strong while braided. Also, you may want to consider doing a protein treatment and deep conditioning once you come out of the braids.

It is actually, a good idea to do this before going into braids and right after coming out of braids. A protein treatment and  deep condition helps to strengthen hair as well as keeping it moisturized. If you do not already have a protein treatment and a deep conditioner, then we would suggest the Protein Hair Strengthener and the Olive Moisture Mask.

If you would prefer to keep both textures straight and will be using heat activated styles, such as flat ironing, we would recommend the Protein Hair Strengthener  and Olive Moisture Mask or the Matani Line which will help to keep breakage to a minimum. The Shea Butter Hair Lotion and the Matani Hair Serum are great for heat protection.

Q. I have a thinning hairline/crown which products will help regrow my hair?
A. There may be many reasons why you are experience hair loss such as a scarred or damages scalp from chemical burns, weaves or braids (traction alopecia). Hormones, poor health or medications, prolonged usage of products that clog the pores of the scalp, such as mineral oil and petroleum can also cause hair loss.

It is important to identify the root cause for your hair loss so that it can be treated properly.

The products we would recommend to help with restoring growth and fullness are the Pona Scalp and Hair Treatment and the Anagen Elite along with one minute scalp massages daily. It is important to drink plenty of water and keep the scalp clean and clear.

A lot of people have experienced desired hair re-growth using the Anagen Elite and the Pona Scalp and Hair Treatment.

If you desire to lengthen the hair quicker the Bountiful Mane Serum with the Vitamin Reign is a perfect combination to promote quicker hair growth.

Do not forget to consume plenty of water and eat a well balanced healthy diet. It is very important to be aware of what you put in the inside of your body to get the results you want on the outside.


Q. My hair won’t grow what am I doing wrong?
 Not necessarily. Natural hair can be fragile due to its lack of ability to retain moisture. African American hair is naturally porous, which causes our hair to break faster than it grows giving the illusion of it not growing.

Water is the best moisturizer for natural African American hair. With that being said, it is important to spritz your hair with water once daily or every other day. Because African American hair is porous, water quickly enters and escapes the hair shaft causing the shrinkage, if this is a problem for you we would recommend  spritzing your hair followed by product usage and braiding or twisting a couple of hours before bedtime. Be sure to wrap your hair with a silk/scarf or use a silk/satin pillowcase.

If you are worried that you have hard water then you can use the sprays such as Vitamin Reign, Califia Moisturizing Spray, or the Coconut Curl Spray for moisture.

It is important to wash your hair at least once or twice a week for optimal results. A clean healthy scalp is key to hair growth.

To keep the hair moisturized, we recommend using a moisturizer (water-based products: sprays lotions and leave-ins) followed by a moisture sealant (oil-based products: oil, balms, and butters).

You can groom your hair by using your fingers to comb through your hair, a wide tooth comb or a wig/paddle brush to minimize breakage. Apply a little oil to the ends of the hair prior to grooming to help assist the grooming utensils to pull through the hair without breakage.

Your hair is also another indicator that something may be going on internally. Health factors such as anemia (low iron reserve) can cause hair to grow slowly.  Please see your doctor if you think you may have a health issue.

If you are experiencing breakage try our Protein Hair Strengthener twice a month to help minimize the breakage and help your hair accept the moisture you give it.


Q. What is the Shelf Life of the Products?
Komaza Hair Care products have a shelf life of 2-3 years. Most of our products have an expiration date already printed on the label.

Q. What is the PH Balance of the Products?
  Komaza Hair Care’s water-based products have a ph Balance range of 4.5.

Q. Why isn’t the Jar/Bottle Filled to the Rim?
Our 2oz bottles and jars, 4oz bottles and jars, 8oz bottles and jars, and 16oz bottles and jars are filled to the container rim, which is ¼ to ½ inches below the top of the bottle or jar. Sometimes a product may be overfilled to allow for the product to settle or solidify.

Q. Why does this product look lighter/darker, pink, or smell differently than a previous one?
Komaza Hair Care products are made with natural ingredients sometimes in its raw form, particularly, butters, oils, herbs, and vegetarian fragrances. Depending on how they mix with other ingredients may vary from batch to batch. The color may be slightly differ or change as we use absolute vanilla to create most of our scents which after settling can cause the product to have a pink hue to them.

Q. Why is the product slightly thinner/thicker or have a different consistency than a previous one?
Komaza Hair Care products are handmade and are made fresh with natural ingredients such a butters, oils, herbs, essential oils for fragrances, and emulsifiers. Slight differences in texture may vary from batch to batch. We do strive and mostly achieve consistency. Do not worry, as this does not affect the performance of how the product will work.


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