Due to the pandemic, we are experiencing delays from our suppliers which has impacted our ability to create products. We, now, have a limited supply of products available. Currently, we do not have a specific date, however, We anticipate being fully stocked by end of August

 As we are working with a reduced team, please expect processing times of 1- 2 weeks for your orders. In addition:

  • There are no guarantees on delivery times per USPS.

  • Phone services are not available. Phone service will be available July 5th. Please email us instead at:contactus@komazahaircare.com

We are constantly updating our planning to be able to react to this developing crisis. We thank you for your support and patience during this time.

Stay safe!

Products & Services

  • Bountiful Mane Serum 4oz

    4.6 out of 5
    Out of stock
  • Califia Moisturizing Cream 8oz

    5 out of 5
  • Califia Moisturizing Spray 8oz

    5 out of 5
  • Coconut Curl Damage Control 8oz

    4.3333333333333 out of 5
  • Coconut Curl Styling Pudding 16oz

    4.8888888888889 out of 5
    Out of stock
  • Moja Moisturizing Shampoo 8oz

    5 out of 5
  • Olive Moisture Mask 16oz

    3.5555555555556 out of 5
  • Protein Hair Strengthener 8oz

    4.6190476190476 out of 5
  • The best investment while on my natural hair journey. It took away the guessing of what my hair needs. For years I was treating my hair as if it was low porosity, to find out I am normal to high. the tips provided during my consultation were great. Please stop listening to others and get your hair analyzed.

    Karen Walton

  • I would highly highly recommend this. Stop trouble-shooting your hair and get a personalized regimen for your hair needs. Changed my hair care forever.

    Udoka Omenukor

  • I live in France, my hair are 4C type and I fell in love with that product. I love the smell, the texture and it leaves my hair very shiny and deeply moisturized.


  • Dude, where do I begin? This product is pure gold! I have thick, coarse, 4c hair and was experiencing horrible hair breakage prior to using this product. Since using this product after my 4th big chop (about 6 months ago), I have had minimal to none hair breakage. When I do notice hair on my comb after a styling session, about 90% have the white bulb on the end signaling hair shed instead of hair breakage. I recommend this product hands down.

    Nathania Louis-Pierre

  • This Bountiful Serum is everything to me, I love it and will always have it as a staple. I do get dandruff, irritated scalp and psoriasis. I tried everything I could find and nothing helped. The only thing that kept it under control was, washing my hair regularly, which took hours and hours due to the length of my hair and tangles. I decided to try this bad boy from Komaza and it has done wonders for my scalp. It clears my scalp, moisturizes and it stops the irritation. I can go for a month now, without washing my hair […]

    Ayishatu Molini

  • This protein strengthener is so awesome,my relaxed hair loved it, my hair felt so good I could have gone without a moisturizing conditioner. Excellent product!

    Caroline Ramsdell

  • This stuff is like crack to me. I have absolutely have no split ends, my hair feels and looks healthy. GREAT PRODUCT!!!! its one of my must haves.

    Dawnay Brown

  • What an amazing product! After washing my hair I could literally separate my hair with my fingers! Thank you Jesus!! I have finally found my staple shampoo!!!

    Caprice Davis

  • I thank my Heavenly Father for giving you both the knowledge, wisdom and understanding to create such amazing products! I pray that your business continues to prosper and remain blessed. To God be all the glory for the great things He has done!

    A. Brown